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Zane Tate Appointed
Fashion Co-Ordinator Role
May 01, 2023

Riccarton Park Racecourse is proud to announce the appointment of Zane Tate as the new Fashion Coordinator, bringing his exceptional talent and expertise to the forefront of the racing scene. Zane is a renowned interior designer and has been making waves in the Christchurch event scene with his unique vision and flair for creating elegant and captivating events. His work as an interior designer has served as the perfect foundation for orchestrating beautiful events, seamlessly blending fashion, design, and ambiance to create unforgettable experiences.
As a long-time racing enthusiast, Zane is no stranger to the excitement and glamour of the track. His love for the races has fueled his desire to build upon Riccarton Park’s reputation as a top destination for sophisticated race goers. Zane is uniquely positioned to fuse his passion for fashion, racing, and event design into a spectacular showcase at the racecourse.