Track Records

Riccarton Park Racecourse

Distance Time   Track Date Horse Weight
800m 0-43.34 National Record New 26-Oct-2014 Hurunui 57.5kg
850m 0-47.47 National Record New 12-Oct-1997 Royal Pass 51.5kg 
900m 0-50.36 National Record New 16-Feb-2006 Tra Cee 55kg
1000m 0-54.20 National Record New 11-Nov-2006 Ticklish 57kg
1100m 1-00.64 National Record New 9-Nov-2019 Woodcote Lass 54.5kg
1200m 1-06.72   New 16-Sep-2023 Challa 55.5kg
1250m 1-14.24   New 06-Dec-2013 Our Premonition 53kg
1400m 1-20.21 National Record New 27-Jan-2007 Mr Dexter 54kg
1500m 1-28.46 National Record New 12-Apr-2008 Roualyn 57kg
1600m 1-32.83   New 12-Nov-2008 Mufhasa 54.5kg
1800m 1-47.09 National Record Old 3-Feb-1990 Najaba 52.5kg
  1-47.17   New 5-Aug-1998 Just Anything 56kg
2000m 1-59.53   New 16-Apr-2001 Deegan 50kg
2500m 2-33.04   New 7-Nov-1998 Talk Show 51.5kg
2600m 2-43.50   New 6-May-2023 Miss Tavi 59kg
3000m 3-08.44   New 24-Oct-2020 Dragon Storm 54kg
3200m 3-17.22   Old 10-Nov-1990 Soundoration 50.5kg
  3-17.81   New 14-Nov-1998 Sapio 59kg
Hurdle Races
2650m 2-58.54   New 6-Aug-2003 Barzulu 63kg
3000m 3-18.71   Old  28-Sep-1996 Someplace Else 61kg
  3-18.72   New 5-Aug-1998 Rhythm Star 62kg
3100m 3-30.90   New 5-Aug-2015 San Pedro 68kg
3200m 3-34.57   New  2-Aug-1998 Melomai 63kg
4200m 4-41.82   Old  11-Aug-1993 Woodbine Blue Chip 62.5kg
  4-43.05   New  6-Aug-2003 Cool Water 60.5kg
Steeplechase Races
3200m 3-36.53   New 5-Aug-2015 Hezanakilad 67kg
4250m 4-49.38   New 2-Aug-1998 Deecee Seven 67.5kg
5600m 6-33.92   New 9-Aug-1998 Deecee Seven 65kg

Rangiora Racecourse

Distance Time          Track Date Horse Weight
950m 0-58.54 Hand timed   26-Oct-1992 Dot The I 53.5kg
1000m 0-56.98     19-Dec-2003 Slinky Planet 53.5kg
1200m 1-09.00 Hand timed   13-Apr-1987 Kiwi Alley 48.5kg
  1-09.57     10-May-1997 Kincaple Lad 57kg
1600m 1-35.12 Hand timed   22-Oct-1990 St James 58kg
  1-35.4 Hand timed   13-Apr-1987 Alynda 55kg
  1-35.87 New 1600m shute   10-May-1997 Clonmel 55kg
2000m 2-01.20 Hand timed   16-May-1981 Firefly 53.25kg
2040m 2-05.39     1-March-2006 Nor Sou West 56kg
2080m 2-04.68 Hand timed   11-Feb-1994 Makus Millions 53kg
  2-06.45     27-Oct-1996 Billy Main 54.5kg
2400m 2-25.44     5-Apr-1997 Mac Robert 56.5kg
Hurdle Races
2600m 2-55.00 Hand timed   24-Mar-1975 Cappiemore ?
2800m 3-09.46     10-May-1997 Pinnacle 61.5kg
2900m 3-24.63     4-Jul-1997 Windvale Nureyev 63kg

Riccarton Park Synthetic Track (Polytrack)

Distance Time   Track Date Horse Weight
1200m 1-08.85   Poly 24-Aug-2023 Cote De Beaune 56.5kg
1400m 1-21.47   Poly 9-Aug-2023 Dear Oh Dear 54kg
1600m 1-34.33   Poly 30-Jun-2022 Sombra Deamor 55kg
2100m 2-07.77   Poly 3-Jun-2022 Jack Knows Best 55.5kg
2200m 2-13.83   Poly 16-May-2024 Treaty Of Paris 55kg