The Ned Fashion in the Field

NZ Cup Day 2023

Riccarton Park's Ned de Prix Fashion Winner

Gabrielle Cashmore

Gabrielle heads off to Derby Day at Ellerslie on Saturday 2 March for the final of the Ned de Prix Fashion in the Field!


Classic Racewear Winner

Danni Alfeld won this category, sponsored by Niue Island and Scenic Hotel Group

Contemporary Winner

Youngs Jewellers sponsored the Contemporary Category which was won by Kirsten Morland

Millinery Category

Gemma Kirk won the Millinery Catergory sponsored by Monika Neuhauser Millinery

Finishing Touches Catergory

Sponsored by Transform Clinic the Finishing Touches Category was won by Pauline Patullo

Something Borrowed Something Blue

My Wedding Mag sponsored the Something Borrowed Something Blue Category with Jo Laurenson the Winner

Carnival Debut

The Carnival Debut Category sponsored by Stephanie Murray Mortgages won by Kristal Kelsen

Eye on the Crowd

True Grit Hair sponsored the Eye on the Crowd Category, our Winner was Amanda Baker

Best Dressed Man

Sergios Best Dressed Man was Fabio Valle

Cup Day 2023 Judging Panel

Eleanor Campbell

Carl Manderson

Stephanie Murray 

Wednesday Fashion in the Field

Judging Panel

Lily Simons

Kia Sullivan

Stephanie Rumble

The Ned Fashion in the Field at Riccarton Park Racecourse

Two Spectacular Days, Two Exquisite Fashion Experiences


Cup Day November 18th 

Supreme Winner sponsored by The Ned - Gabrielle Cashmore

Classic Racewear sponsored by Niue Island and Scenic Hotel Group - Danni Alfeld

Contemporary sponsored by Youngs Jewellers - Kirsten Morland

Best Dressed Man sponsored by Sergios - Fabio Valle

Millinery sponsored by Monika Neuhauser Millinery - Gemma Kirk

Carnival Debut sponsored by Stephanie Murray Mortgages - Kristal Kelsen  

Finishing Touches sponsored by Transform Clinic - Pauline Pattullo

Something Borrowed or Something Blue - My Wedding Mag - Jo Laurenson

Eye on the Crowd sponsored by True Grit Hair Winner - Amanda Barker

Zane Tate – Riccarton Park Fashion Coordinator.

Eleanor Campbell
Carl Manderson
Stephanie Murray

Wednesday 15 November

Best Dressed Woman sponsored by IBK Photography - Alex Valle

Best Dressed Man sponsored by Rembrandt - Dave Cowan

Millinery sponsored by Belinda Green - Danni Alfeld

Finishing Touches sponsored by Transform Clinic - Gemma Kirk

Eye on the Crowd sponsored by True Grit Hair - Jo Appleyard

Stephanie Rumble
Lily Simons
Kia Sullivan

What to wear on raceday

Knowing the difference between day wear and evening wear

  • Race day Fashion is very simple but elegant day wear. Not a lot of skin showing, and modesty is the key.
  • Plan your outfits in advance. Judges will be awarding points according to coherence and thought that has gone into the outfit, together with the knowledge of appropriateness of the outfit.
  • Avoid anything too tight, revealing or midriff-baring , dresses need to fall at the knee or lower and keep in mind that the races are a daytime event.
  • A headpiece is always important to coordinate with your outfit. Think carefully of how your hair sits with your headpiece or hat. Typically for a headpiece, long hair is pulled away, pinned or in a ponytail so that it works with your hair. Remember, you are trying to achieve an overall effect – the hat should be part of the outfit.
  • This is a time to embrace the best of spring! There is no wrong or right when it comes to a beautifully coordinated outfit.
  • You will be getting judged on a points system this year on cup day.
  • Points will be given on the appropriateness of your outfit, day wear, tidy shoes, clutch, hair/ millinery, and overall outfit.
  • You will never get judged on your age, your size, or your looks. Here at Riccarton Park we would like to encourage women and men of all shapes and sizes to enter the fashion competition and support each other through this process.
  • For our gentlemen - dress to impress! A well-tailored/ fitted suit and wearing your shoes without socks is fine. Keep it stylish and smart with tie or patterned pocket squares. You may also consider a cool hat to go with your suit. Overall a clean and polished look.