The Canterbury Jockey Club has always sought to maximise the range of benefits available to its race sponsors. We understand that every business has its own particular objectives, so sponsorship packages are always customised.

Racing sponsorship is one of the few sponsorships that can be genuinely measured for tangible returns. We have been able to identify new markets, resulting in sales generated directly from our sponsorship.

Packages can be integrated to acheive a superb profile on a number of levels.


Sponsorship Categories

There are three categories under which sponsorship packages are available:

  1. Principal Carnival Meetings
  2. Fundraising Charity Days
  3. Corporate Days

Within these classifications, exist a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities.

Raceday hospitality privileges

Sponsors are provided the following privileges on racedays:

Sponsorship can provide an ideal link to customers. Enjoy an emotional and exciting occasion—an interactive social event offering thrills, luck, fun and glamour.

The perfect mix of business and pleasure.

The benefits to the sponsor

Benefits of Canterbury Jockey Club sponsorship include:

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